Electra USA

Electra USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Electra Group and coordinates its operations in the United States. It is the controlling shareholder of three prominent electromechanical contractors within the New York area: Gilston Electric, Hellman Electric, and FW Sims. Through these subsidiaries, which are known as pillars of the New York market, the Electra Group is able to draw upon almost a century of knowledge and experience, with active local leadership via Electra USA.

F. W. Sims
Est. 1976

Hellman Electric
Est. 1978

Gilston Electric
Est. 1926

Widely respected for all kinds of complex mechanical contracting work, with its own specialist teams, fabrication workshop, and HVAC service division.


Boutique heavy construction capabilities alongside state-of-the-art electrical installations, with extensive experience in Design-Build / P3 and datacom assignments.


Specializes in core & shell, fitout, infrastructure, and heavy construction work in 15 core sectors, including rapid-response teams for emergency situations.











Electra USA has secured its position at the forefront of the competitive, cutting-edge New York contracting market as one of the largest electromechanical contractors in the region, as well as a substantial growth engine for the Electra Group. The company currently has more than 700 employees, with an approximate annual revenue of approx. $300M (correct as of 2020) in New York State, as well as a significant work backlog worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Each company operating under the Electra USA banner is able to leverage a winning combination of exceptional professional capabilities, unmatched local knowledge, peerless reputation, and the unique Electra lifecycle concept that has been proven and refined through activities worldwide. Each of the Electra USA companies therefore delivers comprehensive solutions of the highest standard for projects of all scales and complexities.

As the Electra Group’s operational arm in North America, Electra USA represents a major step forward for Electra’s international expansion and reflects the pivotal role that high-potential U.S. markets will play in the Group’s future plans. Electra USA aims to build on its already impressive momentum by continuing to increase its activities within and beyond New York, enhancing its capabilities, and identifying the partnerships that will drive continued success.