One World Trade Center

  • Location:
    Restored World Trade Center Site, Lower Manhattan
  • Main Contractor:
    F. W. Sims
  • Period:

    F. W. Sims performed all Core & Shell HVAC piping work for this new 104-floor commercial and office tower, which is 1,776 feet tall and the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. One World Trade Center also includes an observation deck on the 100th floor, with an additional 5 levels below ground providing access to parking, shopping, and mass transit.

    The scope of work extended to rooftop cooling towers, multiple Mechanical Equipment Rooms (MERs) throughout the building, local air handling units on tenant floors, and all associated piping up to and including 30” diameter. F. W. Sims also furnished and installed an extensive fuel oil storage and delivery system to serve the building’s emergency backup generators.