NYC Public Housing

  • Location:
    All five boroughs
  • Main Contractor:
    Gilston Electric
  • Period:
  • Project Description:

    Gilston Electric has been providing interior electrical services and exterior lighting to New York City’s public housing communities for more than 30 years. As the largest public housing program in the USA, the New York City Housing Authority relies on Gilston to serve more than half of the authority’s 179,000 apartments and 400,000 residents.

    In recent years, improved safety and security protocols have tasked Gilston with upgrading and expanding street lighting for hundreds of thousands of public housing residents across all five boroughs. Altogether, Gilston has installed $104 million in interior upgrades and exterior lighting for sidewalks, streets, parking lots, playgrounds, and other common spaces in 326 developments, while also undertaking energy efficiency and sustainability upgrades.