The Greenwich Lane (West Village Residences)

  • Location:
    Between 11th & 12th Street on 7th Avenue (former site of St. Vincent’s Hospital)
  • Main Contractor:
    F. W. Sims
  • Period:
  • Project Description:

    F. W. Sims provided all heating, air conditioning, and ventilation work during the renovation of portions of the existing St. Vincent’s Hospital and construction of a new 17-story residential tower (for a total of 5 mid-rise residential buildings and 5 new townhouses on the project site).

    A common underground Mechanical Equipment Room provided pipe and duct distribution for the entire site. F. W. Sims also furnished and installed new fan coil units for apartments, air handling units for common areas and amenities, and all associated piping and ductwork in addition to a new fuel oil storage/emergency generator system.