Arthur Ashe Stadium

  • Location:
    Queens, NY
  • Main Contractor:
    F. W. Sims
  • Period:
  • Project Description:

    F.W. Sims provided all new HVAC systems and temperature controls in the renovation of Arthur Ashe Stadium. This project focused on the new retractable roof and overall stadium modernization, along with a new remote support building housing a 6,000 ton chiller plant, rooftop cooling towers, and interconnecting underground piping to provide new services.

    The scope of work included outdoor platform-mounted air handling units feeding a 60” spiral duct loop and jet diffusers in the upper steel trusses of the stadium to provide heating/cooling and dehumidification during a closed-roof event. F. W. Sims also constructed a central plant within the remote support building, consisting of rooftop cooling towers and a chiller plant providing 6,000 tons of cooling for the stadium. Arthur Ashe Stadium is thereby provided with cooling water from the remote support building by 18” underground piping lines. The highly advanced HVAC and temperature control systems monitor and react to humidity and dew point levels within the stadium, while also meeting the heating, cooling, and ventilation needs during closed-roof events.

    This project required extensive planning and schedule management to ensure that it would be complete by the time of the 2016 US Open. Due to these tight scheduling requirements, F.W. Sims had the new central plant completed and fully operational – a task that would normally take up to 6 months – in just 3 months.