Moynihan Train Hall

  • Location:
    Midtown Manhattan (Between 8th Avenue, 9th Avenue, 31st Street & 33rd Street)
  • Main Contractor:
    Gilston Electric
  • Established:
  • Project Description:

    Gilston Electric’s skilled electricians helped to transform the historic James A. Farley post office building into the hi-tech new Moynihan Train Hall – an extension of Penn Station, the western hemisphere’s busiest transportation hub. Bridging elegant past with fast-paced future, the Gilston team worked on massive steel and glass skylights that included thousands of feet of color-changing LEDs, as well as 104 digital wayfinding displays, four jumbo screens, and thousands of custom sconces and hanging fixtures. Overall, the project involved 2,000 surface light fixtures, 9,000 feet of recessed linear light fixtures, and 4,800 feet of color kinetics lights.

    The Gilston crew also handled complex electrical installations for the iconic structure’s interior and exterior artwork, including a massive architectural lighting system that will turn the previously washed-out facade into an ever-changing colorful light show.