Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment

  • Location:
    Greenpoint, Brooklyn
  • Main Contractor:
    Gilston Electric
  • Period:
  • Project Description:

    The Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant is the largest of 14 such plants in New York City, serving more than a million people with clean water across 15,000 acres. Gilston Electric served as the primary contractor in the site’s expansion, which aimed to increase capacity by 50% through the ground-up construction of a new Disinfection Building and Support Building.

    Unique challenges included working within a biological and chemical hazard environment to deliver new substations, comprehensive motor control centers, and CCTV systems with targeted signal transmissions and efficient power consumption. Gilston deployed all necessary emergency system features, such as fire alarms and reliable emergency power. In addition, the Gilston crews installed fiber optic technology to ensure high-performing, long-distance data networking, and refurbished the site’s intercom paging system. Finally, Gilston provided the power and lighting for Newtown Creek Nature Walk, which runs through the site.